Why Clients MicroManage in Creative Business(Design)?

What is Micromanage? According to Wikipedia, In business management, micromanagement may be a management style whereby a manager closely observes and/or controls and/or reminds the work of his/her subordinates or employees. Micromanagement is usually considered to possess a negative connotation, mainly because it shows a scarcity of freedom within the workplace. In Client-Provider system, client acts like the manager in Continue Reading

Why Fraudsters Escape to London?

You must have wondered at some point in your life about why people who commit fraud always manage to escape. And that too mostly to London. Nirav Modi did a scam of 14,000 crores and flew to London. Vijay Mallya did a scam of 9,000 crores and flew to London. Continue Reading

Why Coins Keep Decreasing in Size?

Have you every wondered why is size of Indian currency coins is decreasing? Have you ever noticed the significant change in the size of the coins minted in the past few years? Who Mints the Money? The Government of India is responsible for minting coins and printing currency notes for Continue Reading