Google’s name has not always been the same! It’s name involves a lot of brainstorming and changes over it’s initial years which resulted in this name. Also, Google was not always the best nor was found out of great ideology initially. But we now obviously know how it turned out.

Google was not Always the Same!

In case you don’t know who founded Google- the search engine giant which rules almost every part of our lives, they were two people. Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search engine named- BackRub. It was named so for it’s analysis of the web’s “back links”.

Their office was in room 360 of the Gates CS Building, Stanford University, California. It was one day in the office when the two founders discussed a number of new possible names for this emerging new search engine technology.

A meeting was held in which the name “Googleplex” came up in and Larry Page countered with the shorter “Google”, which denoted the digit 1 followed by the 100 zeros.

Eventually the name googol was decided and an employe was asked to check for the domain “”. But instead the employee accidently searched for “” instead of ““. Page liked the name even better and registered the domain name for his company.

And thus we can conclude that the tech giant owes its name to a simple typo.

Its overwhelming to see that this company grew to such an astonishingly high level, that it now literally rules the digital world. Due to such a vast influence in web, this giant holds a great responsibility for the security of its customers and providing them with excellent services. No wonder Google is nailing its job. Thanks to Google that we have access to almost every possible data right on our fingertips.

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