How to Not Care What Other People Think of You

stop caring

Skipping all the B.S. about the illustrated topic, let’s get straight to the point.

Face of Reality

The absolute punch on the face is accepting the reality that no one will ever directly influence your life by thinking or creating opinions about you. “It is all in YOUR head“. Always have been , Always will be.

There are several everyday situations in everybody’s life in which they are been judged upon for their actions, habits, nature, way of doing things, fashion sense, choices and even their style. Don’t confuse this with one’s attitude. What we’ll explore in this article is to Not Care about this crap.

Let’s start…

Tip No:1-

Accept that not everyone is going to like you and find ways to love and be enough for yourself instead: You are the driver of your own car and no one has to or will drive you. All the happiness, sadness, adventure, love, hate,etc, etc, is for you alone to carry and no one else. If this is the case then why to care, Right?

Tip No:2

Remember that people are usually projecting: Every judgement and point of view on you is made just by projection! Meaning every opinion is always what that particular person is thinking of at time in that mood. And we know that time, moments and mood change! So… Stop Caring!!

Tip No:3

Take social media breaks: Social media breaks allow you refresh your current mood and reform your thoughts or at least diver your mind to the actual negative and dangerous mind blocking thoughts. But be careful about this too as too much of it can trigger even more problems.

Tip No:4

Let go of perfectionism: This probably the most understandable and boring point point in this article but is perhaps the most important too. You have to understand that no one or nothing is perfect and cannot be. No matter how hard you try, you cannot be just perfect. Then why to make a fuss about it? Just give your best every time and and be satisfied that you gave it your all. What else matters?

Tip No:5

Spend more time with people that enjoy your authentic self: Everyone you meet ha a Vibe. You just be with the people who make you feel happy and in front of whom you are never concerned of anything. These people bring happiness and at same time-comfort.

Tip No:6

Live you life. It’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations.:This is probably what Miles learnt in Spiderman into the Spider Verse!

Tip No:7

Consider trusted opinions, forget the rest: This is quite simple and straight forward approach of life.

Apply those seven tips and you’ll be on your way to not caring what other people think and living a more awesome life.

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