Stop Trying to be “Positive” All the Time

Stop Trying to be “Positive” All the Time

Yes! You heard it right…..

I’m taking about “to stop” being positive all the time. Do you realize that always thinking about happiness makes us a little anxious? DO you feel a little more depressed just after thinking about the so called positive vibes?

Your answer will probably be Yes. Let me explain you why…

Realize what you Don’t Have!

If you give it a thought, our mind always desire what we Don’t have and if we are constantly craving for positivity, it means that we are not positive and therefore we want to become positive so that we can be happy. This thought not only makes us even more “less positive” but deep down in our heart, we know even this is temporary!

Isn’t that curious and boring at the same time?

In a book by star blogger Mark Mason, titled- “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck“, he clearly explains about on what real life scenarios we need to give our F*cks to and simultaneously, which situations to avoid.

I’m not asking you to fall back, like give up on something or not desiring more in life, but the goal here is contrarily very opposite.

For example,

If you were left with a very less amount of time in an examination, you would attempt the questions that carry maximum marks first, after that if the time remains, you will proceed to the next questions. Similarly, in the exam of life, you need to focus on the most important thing igoring the less important ones and accepting the ones that are out of your control.

This would save you a hell lot of time and mind fuck.

As you stared reading this post, you may have wondered that why is this post a part of health section? Well one other reason to not give a fuck is to balance your mental health by avoiding the unnecessary elements in life and accepting certain circumstances on the go.

Let me take very interesting example to make you realize the importance of the so called “Positive Thinking“.


Think of a man in his 20’s who is a drunkard, womanizer, alcoholic, gambler and what not; he is probably the last person you would ever want to meet on earth. He works a shitty job everyday and wastes all his money on prostitution and alcohol. But he has a dream of becoming a great writer. So on a very rare occasion in life, he writes a fiction novel and goes in the publication market to sell his story, but guess what- everyone rejects his story. He tries for a couple of years and forgets about it getting back to his shitty routine. When he’s about 60 years old, a publisher randomly asks for his work and publishes it. He becomes successful overnight. He receives all the money, spends it again and becomes broke again.

Now what do we learn from this? What we hear about this man will be a somewhat different. People would say that look at that old man! He worked hard constantly for years and due to his hard word and patience, he became successful.

But we all know where that success came from.

The lesson to grab here is-

If we constantly remind ourselves to get something in life, it implies that we don’t have that at the moment. Think of staying Positive, Happy etc,etc. it sub consciously makes us believe that we are sad and unhappy.

Now what to do then? This doesn’t mean that we don’t have to stop thinking good for ourselves and don’t carry any ambition. The golden point here is to prioritize what we actually want to do and cut all the crap which is waste of our time. In short- Don’t give a F*ck about everything but save your F*cks for things that are important.

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