Why Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India?


Bangalore is considered as the “Silicon Valley of India” and is also known as the I.T Capital of India. Do you know what the Big Companies like WIPRO, ISRO, Infosys, Swiggy and Flipkart have in common?

You probably guessed it- All these companies are headquartered in Bangalore! Surprising, isn’t it?

Silicon Valley is actually a place in Southern San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA which is the global center of technological innovation. Almost every tech giant company is headquartered here making it one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

What is it that only Bangalore has?

The city of Bangalore has a highly educated population which is technically well versed from IT Personnel to startups as well as good established businesses from around the world. The big companies hire these skilled personnel at a reasonable cost as compared to the developers and engineers from the developed countries like US and Canada. Many of these top class companies have actually been born in Bangalore itself bagging it the title of “Silicon Valley of India“.

Once Bangalore was just a normal decent city with average infrastructure and facilities but with the development of IT opportunities, money started flowing the city and thus increasing the infrastructural development. The transformation of Bangalore to the IT capital of India is ‘Incredible!‘.

With the rapid increase in infrastructure and development, population also increases so as the job opportunities and standard of living. This is what happened in Bangalore. People from all parts of India started settling here for different reasons making Bangalore ‘the fastest growing city’.

Global Hub of Technology Startups

Do you know that Bangalore is also called “Global Hub of Technology Startups”? This is so because of the exponential increase in Technological Startups in the past few years. Apart from the Technological Companies, Bangalore is also rich in educational institutes and R&D (Research and Development Centers).

Let’s explore some of the Key Factors behind this Stunning Evolution of Bangalore

  1. Government Policies: Policies play an important role in development of a city and by observing the success rate in Bangalore, you can fairly guess the contribution of Government Policies in it’s development.
  2. Technically Skilled Labour: If there is no labour, no company would invest in a city. Presence of plenty of Skilled Labour at lower costs attracted western companies to Bangalore increasing the advancement process.
  3. Increase in Export Demand
  4. World Class Infrastructure

Bangalore is expected to grow even more significantly in coming years. What do you think about Bangalore?

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