You must have wondered at some point in your life about why people who commit fraud always manage to escape. And that too mostly to London.

Nirav Modi did a scam of 14,000 crores and flew to London.

Vijay Mallya did a scam of 9,000 crores and flew to London.

Lalit Modi did a scam of 7,000 crores and flew to London.

But Why is this so? What attracts Fraudsters to flee to London? Why London is the hotspot for such criminals?

If a fraudster from any country is going to UK, then the UK Government will welcome this person with open arms. The only here being is ‘Having a truck Load of Money‘. Having a huge amount of money is what the government of UK looks for when they hear from a fraudster.

Therefore, London gives amnesty to all the criminals who are willing to invest generously in London, No Questions Asked! The obvious realization- London is filled with radicals and criminals from all over the world.

The UK Government issues a GOLDEN VISA to anyone who invest 2 million pounds in their country. This means that the investor can live there for few years easily. There are also some other benefits provided by the government such that the investor can live there for a lifetime as well.


These multiple huge investments in the country boost it’s economy rapidly which is the prime focus of the Government of UK. The Laws also don’t take criminals seriously making it a little unsafe for the people living there. But this is extremely beneficial to the criminals. That’s why UK has been an easy place to escape for the last 30-40 years and has seen an incoming spike of criminals investing in the country.

The Indian Government has request UK over the last few years to give them 131 people currently living in London(all of them being criminals, fraudsters and murderers). But sadly only 1 out of 131 has been handed over to India in last few years.

Ultimately, the loss is beared by us- Tax payers.

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