Binance Smart Chain Gems

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Binance Smart Chain Gems

List of recently created BEP-20 tokens. BEP-20 are issued on Binance Smart Chain. Do not confuse with BEP-2, which are issued on Binance Chain. (If you are still confused... then please blame Binance!)

  1. M E SPACEINU 0x9ff63e486059fe03010b026d406bb7bfcc0f48a2
  2. M E BABYBUNNYBSC 0x32f05fae012afa420dd5f1cd3cb26aa5d0f55b7e
  3. M E RYOSHI TOKEN 0xbafd996032e532781b4349c9a7c4b7bbe87c9c4e
  4. M E SupernovaNFT 0xd2faaa79b0d218fcc1d5bdf9cd54e63f4fa7009f
  5. M E Spacewalker 0x02d1ef0e95dbed28ddc2389569e057bfd8212c4a
  6. M E PURPLE FEG 0xabd25dd25e5579f06b2b452a2df8567282059f20
  7. M E BABY ASIAN DOGE 0x36731896752823389e808f5f684d91bbd960e180
  8. M E Fibo Token 0x5067c6e9e6c443372f2e62946273abbf3cc2f2b3
  9. M E ShitCoin 0xcb53fee0a4fae6682f913eedff54aa052a267f57
  10. M E DOMOCASH 0x4c5906a967d076e5fe09fb151e882ca834cdc4bc
  11. M E Vortex BUSD 0xa61df0b2a54ed3b0c12279c2a55432558cd09318
  12. M E Space Cat 0xc6ac7442adc6e28a0d7419d44ea111e80545d56e
  13. M E TheLastFegi 0x2e1ce55a3b746e6b0088799d38af89ec3d6ed0aa
  14. M E INUPOOP 0x749bee324603ecf36aa91fc5ab2407a77ebe9733
  15. M E BabyEOS 0xd1599e6de36c041da1656600ee7219feebd7c894
  16. M E Mini Floki Shiba 0x5cedd85e5c34ef894380fb027fa5d2c944ea28e0
  17. M E BabyDot 0x08bd7f9849f8eec12fd78c9fed6ba4e47269e3d5
  18. M E BabyUNCX 0x01e0ebf8b3700674bdee433f1a338251b6beef00
  19. M E Crazy Shiba 0x0a80368369d5dfba030780c182e9a171f8519ae3
  20. M E Shillionaire 0x3d9fa8eeb4a0c3ee4f2127f95598d26aee8fd26a
  21. M E Uncle Shiba 0x2a3192da716de4536f5b4ec25b12ec49dca0243e
  22. M E XRP4APES 0x67c622adb2abd8244da56b6cd7fc18fb0bbeb583
  23. M E Baby Please Buy 0x6606fda9a586f2f6a19a27a0850bc5b9db252c49
  24. M E Baby Baby Cake 0x65846d8cfb44feb8c680987cf7fabab55472e146
  25. M E Mini Axie 0xf1068db30be9fcf20cff8b2cde11502ed1667db7
  26. M E Get Doge 0x5ee36c0a5e96220f9dcde6a068c5f4e597f83fbb
  27. M E SpacePortCoin 0x21ea8618b9168eb8936c3e02f0809bbe901282ac
  28. M E VANITY 0xabc69f2025bdb12efcdb8fd048d240fff943ca82
  29. M E Crazy Shiba 0x602d8908e50fca794d7f0c2d1da238b2326ef0c1
  30. M E ADAHD Token 0x2470fe0b376d5d25f4df23b24b8bd9687632367a
  31. M E SPACERABBIT 0x736970bade3b3444db7b6e4c445c5612bc757869
  32. M E Baby Litecoin 0xc213119a7212a86dc9465c302910d7f6df4530d0
  33. M E SafeEarn 0x099f551ea3cb85707cac6ac507cbc36c96ec64ff
  34. M E DEXIT 0x2b2ff80c489dad868318a19fd6f258889a026da5
  35. M E EthEarn 0xf3d6a69eb9049df4dc54b855411e49d0da5be500
  36. M E Dogefarm 0x6c16514a11ed767fc368df076ad1e2093a878ae3
  37. M E DogeDust 0x677a9889f932379b5f5a3f2a706fc25484932853
  38. M E BABY BINAMON 0x1f63034eeb573936265d6ecb65c4e50d334b6eef
  39. M E MillennialDoge 0x39799bbeca8bd875a2e4648f84e7a282c98f378b
  40. M E BabyCummies 0xe98130decf08423fd55a30e75677baa40428a0e7
  41. M E Cardana 0x88c28d94c260340bebe32e3574d10380d0bf236a
  42. M E LilFlokinu 0x020e0f47afdf8b3c44db0886271524e524601109
  43. M E 😎 Emotchi 😎 0xeb8b1abce3dd562bf89fb67f26066b83582f792a
  44. M E DynamaxBinamon 0x335ad56ca94ed4919c73495d58ff19f67bcce3cc
  45. M E SpaceDolphin 0x92019ef432c77c3fe2ad61e99ead37a75da62294
  46. M E Mind Music 0x897304d4606b2d5fcaf886aa7aa143e478ec36c5
  47. M E dexIRA 0x147e07976e1ae78287c33aafaab87760d32e50a5
  48. M E DOGEROGAN 0x93b1ab9e80eed92b4a7012ab806d01eb68cdcf19
  49. M E Snake Art Cash 0x78cb2cecb588ab02c9b5b711a70194f2d011513d
  50. M E Cash Doge 0x1f9befd3f903f05eb05eb84b8f039a32974b8208

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